Jaimie Yue ’22

  • Admissions Counselor


As someone born and raised in New Jersey, less than an hour from the heart of New York City, I never imagined I would apply to a college in rural Ohio. After learning more about Oberlin, I knew I could not overlook its world-class liberal arts education and diverse student body. The people are truly what makes Oberlin memorable.

At Oberlin, I was able to continue pursuing my interests while picking up new hobbies and skills. I was a staff editor for The Oberlin Review, one of the longest running college newspapers in the nation. In the latter half of college, I worked one-on-one with students as a Writing Associate, serving as both a writing tutor and a peer mentor. I also hosted a podcast for WOBC and taught YipYipCo, an Exco all about Avatar: The Last Airbender

Academically, I dove into compelling and transformative fields of study that I never had the chance to learn about in high school, such as world literature and ethnic studies. As an English and Comparative American Studies double major, the classes I took not only expanded my knowledge and understanding of the world around me, but of how I fit into all of it.

Now, I’m working in the admissions office as a representative for New Jersey, Upstate New York and Long Island, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania to promote the value of an Oberlin education to even more people. I hope to meet you wherever you are, whether in-person at a high school fair or through email. 


Delaware, New Jersey, New York (Upstate & Long Island), Pennsylvania (Eastern)