Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Zimbabwe in Perspective

Project Description

I intend to go to Zimbabwe and conduct research interviews with some of the Zimbabwean small-scale business owners and social entrepreneurs. The Zimbabwean economy is currently in shambles with an annual inflation rate of about 231million percent. The situation has forced everyone to be very creative in figuring out ways to survive on a daily basis. Businesses, non-profit organizations and young social entrepreneurs have had to drastically develop creative new ways of operation that are not in most conventional entrepreneurship text-books. I intend to learn how small-scale businesses and social entrepreneurial ventures are surviving in such a failed economy and some ways they could be assisted.

About Emmanuel Magara

Emmanuel was born in and grew up in Zimbabwe. In high school, Emmanuel organized the first HIV/AIDS awareness march in his community that over 3000 students from 5 different schools participated in. Emmanuel was nominated to represent and advocate for children’s rights in the Zimbabwe Junior Parliament. Among other projects, Emmanuel conducted fund raising activities to finance tuition fees for orphans in his community. In January 2008, he spent 3 weeks in South Africa learning about post-apartheid community development. Currently, Emmanuel is a Lead/Senior RA for Barnard, East and Barnard residence halls, a Bonner Scholar for Community Service and is majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Chinese.