Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Water for Dodome Awuiasu

Project Description

In June 2013, I will organize for 80 large water filters to be distributed in the village of Dodome Awuiasu in the Volta Region where I worked as a teacher in 2011. I will establish communication links between the factory, run by the charity Pure Home Water (, which produces the sustainable, clay filters in the Northern Region and this village, which as of yet has no access to clean water. The filters will also provide a small business opportunity for individuals, or the potential to establish a village co-operative, in the form of bagging purified water for sale in the nearby towns. This project will serve as an experiment for how such initiatives could work on a larger scale. The funds from Oberlin will be spent on paying for the filters to be manufactured.

About Ruby Turok-Squire

Ruby Turok-Squire lives in Cambridge, England and is currently studying Composition and English Literature at Oberlin College. In 2011, she volunteered as a teacher in the village of Dodome Awuiasu, Ghana and since leaving, has maintained a connection with the village. She is committed to helping the community move forward in any way that she can. To date, Ruby, in conjunction with the SmartKids Foundation (, has raised over $5,000 in order to support two of the students that she met in Ghana to attend a better school. Through this next project, she hopes to continue to learn about how to organize charitable efforts in the most effective and sustainable ways.