Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Traffic-Ads is a company that creates advertising opportunities for local businesses in their surrounding communities. Founded by Oberlin sophomore Henry Harboe and recent graduate Kyle Aungst, Traffic-Ads won first place in the 2013 Oberlin Microbusiness Challenge. The company installs advertisements on bicycles, which are moved throughout high-traffic locations. As a sustainable alternative to costly newspaper advertisements, these bikes reach a wider audience in previously inaccessible public spaces.  

About Henry Harboe

Henry Harboe was born and raised in the city of Chicago. He is a sophomore studying computer science and economics at Oberlin, and enjoys taking supplementary classes in political philosophy. Outside of academia Henry is interested in new technology and industrial design, and plans to work in tech product development after college. This summer he will be interning at a pricing and risk management firm in New York City, while developing a business venture in Oberlin with recent graduate Kyle Aungst.