Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Teaching Rural Vietnamese Youth about Personal Hygiene

Project Description

Thao Phan, class of 2011, is a Neuroscience/Pre-Medicine major from Erie, Pennsylvania. She is a Bonner Scholar and a Bonner Leader and she devotes more than 100 hours per semester volunteering in the Oberlin community. She is also an active member of the Vietnamese Student Association and the Applied Social Development Association. Since summer 2008, she has interned with Family Planning Services. She has received an Oberlin College Research Fellowship to study correlations among bacterial vaginosis, sexual activities, and sleep patterns. In January 2008, she interned at NYC Medics, a non-profit organization that delivers medical care to disaster-affected areas, and in January 2009, she shadowed doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. Her long-term goal is to start a non-profit agency that will install latrines, make soap, teach students about hygiene, and network with other non-profit organizations in Vietnam and the United States.

Composed in November 2009