Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Syzygy Tour

Project Description

We plan to undertake a two-week-long tour in January, performing eight concerts at community centers and universities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina. Through this tour, we hope to engage the interest of the general public, as well as other music students, in our unusual combination of classical saxophone and guitar. While such dueos have been historically uncommon, they are gaining popularity in contemporary music; we hope to be at the forefront of this trend. While many such duos primarily choose to perform arrangements of existing works, our interest lies in performing contemporary pieces composerd for saxophone and guitar duo that take advantage of the unique timbre, range, and character of our respective instruments. We will continue to perform out previously premiered Oberlin student commissions and are currently soliciting more.

As Oberlin musicians pursuing double degrees in anthropology and environmental studies, we are concerned by the pressing social and environmental issues currently facing the world. Considering the Phyllis LitoffBuilding's expected status as the first LEED gold certified music facility in the world and the release of Yolanda Kondonassis' new CD, Air, Oberlin musicians have shown they are willing and able to take the lead on the issue of climate change. While we are unable to take the most effective steps towards reducing carbon emissions, such as renting a hybrid car (neither of us is 21) or utilizing mass transit (equipment and scheduling restrictions), we will do the next best thing: counteracting emissions through carbon offsets ... .In order to encourage discussion with the audience after each concert, we will publicize our commitment to carbon neutrality through program notes printed on recycled paper. ...