Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Summer School Program in China

Project Description

Our summer school program is a one-month-long project that is supposed to take place this summer in Guangzhou, China. Xi Chen, Jie Sun, and I will be the three members principally in charge of the program’s operation. The end of this program is to equip disadvantaged emigrant students with the motive to learn and explore. We understand that interest is one of the most powerful forces that encourage learning. Therefore, by providing a series of eye-opening classes, we hope to prompt students to discover their academic or professional interests, and consequently, motivate them to achieve their academic goals.

About Yinyu Zhan

Yinyu Zhan is an international student at Oberlin College. She intends to major in Economics, with a concentration in Mathematics. She’s currently involved in an afterschool program that aims to fight education inequality. Her involvement in this program sparked her interest in educational problems. Her teaching experiences include tutoring Chinese and teaching English in a private educational center. Also, she is a student with rich music background. She’s a good unprofessional pianist, and she sings and plays in an on-campus pop music band that she leads. In addition, she was a key member in Global China Connection Guangzhou committee.