Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Storybooks for Sustainability

Project Description

Amanda Medress ’09 announces the publication of Quaid McQueen: Trash Machine, the first storybook in a lighthearted and heartfelt series dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship. The 24-page book, aimed for readers ages four through eight, tells how a pet skunk teaches a mischievous boy to clean up his wasteful habits. Amanda self-published the storybook‚ now available on‚ with a grant from the Creativity and Leadership Fund at Oberlin College. She became enamored of environmental storybooks ever since researching the genre while studying abroad in Australia.  She believes that storybooks are an ideal vehicle for empowering the next generation of environmental stewards, and will make her contribution to fighting global warming, one storybook at a time.

About Amanda Medress

Amanda Medress is a twin, a kickboxer, a vegetarian, a traveler, and an optimist. She lives in Chicago and works for a sustainable design non-profit. At Oberlin Amanda was a creative writing major and environmental studies minor. In addition to co-founding the Student Experiment in Ecological Design (SEED) House, she was an active mediator with the Oberlin College Dialogue Center.