Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Stereocure is a record label and music collective that fosters a hands-off creative environment with hands-on support for a unique community of artists. Since Stereocure’s founding in August of 2012, its artists have digitally released over twenty singles, EPs, and LPs, the label and its artists have been covered by over thirty publications, and its artists have toured extensively. Stereocure helps artists record and produce professional quality music, promotes and releases music both digitally and physically, coordinates Stereocure Showcase Tours (which feature exclusive performances from artists on the roster) and designs and sells merchandise. Stereocure aims to be an innovative record label model in a shifting media landscape and help emerging artists pursue successful careers in the music industry.

About Gabriel Kanengiser and Myles Emmons

Gabriel Kanengiser is from Los Angeles, CA and received a B.A. from Oberlin College in Practice and Economics in the Music Industry, a self-designed major. Gabe participated in the Rubin Institute for Music Criticism in 2012 and in 2014 was chosen to represent participated in the LaunchU Bootcamp and Accelerator. Gabe cofounded Stereocure, a record label and music collective in August of 2012, and was awarded the Creativity & Leadership Fellowship from Oberlin College from June 2014-May 2015. Gabe spent Spring of 2013 living in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied abroad and learned Portuguese.

Myles Emmons is a composer and visual artist from Chicago. He earned a Bachelors of Music from Oberlin Conservatory with degree in Composition and a minor in Technology In Music And Related Arts (TIMARA). Myles helped coordinate Art House Live Sessions in Los Angeles, working with a wide breadth of artists while serving consecutive residencies as a visual-music artist. He is a co-founder and member of the music and arts collective/label Stereocure ( Myles also founded Real Boy Digital, a media art design company, as well as co-founded CCCJapan, a web documentary looking at underground electronic music cultures in Japan.