Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Our idea is to create an online learning environment which provides self-motivated students with tools, which allow them to learn on their own. Initially, we will be creating content for students about to take their end of school standardized exams, and once we get an adequate number of users we will start creating content for the remaining classes as well.

Our primary delivery mechanism will be online videos, each of which will only be 15-20 minutes long and will cover one sub topic in any given subject. It is important to keep the videos short and focused on narrow subject areas, so that users are easily able to digest the information they receive. At the end of each video every student will have to take a small test that covers all the concepts presented in the video. This feature will not only reinforce their learning, but also provide the user with a real time gauge of how well they have understood the topic.

We are strong believers in ‘learning by doing,’ therefore the practice testing module is a crucial component of our system. The video module introduces the students to the key concepts, which are then internalized by the student through extensive practice. We will be building two types testing modules, multiple choice questions and past examination papers. For the multiple choice module we will be implementing a tracking mechanism, which records the results of every single MCQ that the user takes. This will enable us to identify if a user is consistently having problems in a specific topic area and to suggest that he or she revise it. The other testing module will contain a bank of all past examination questions. The user has the choice of doing all the past questions on a specific topic, or to solve a past exam in its entirety.

The third interesting feature of our system is that it encourages collaborative learning. We hope to eventually create a tight knit community out of our users. Allowing users to be able to communicate with each other as seamlessly as possible, will hopefully spur students to learn from each other and to help each other out in the instance that a user has a question or is confused about something that our content doesn’t cover. We will achieve this through forums and comments sections for each question in a question bank and each video.

We believe that our solution achieves the following goals:

  • Allow students the ability to learn at their own pace and convenience, without all the other distraction that come along with studying in social settings.
  • Shift the onus of the learning on to the student himself. Giving students the joy of discovering new ideas will help them develop critical reasoning and thinking skills.
  • Increase ease of access to quality educational material in areas with a lack of proper education facilities.
  • Increase access to learning by translating all the content into local languages.