Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

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George Saines is a native Ohioan with majors in Cinema Studies and Economics. He attended grade school in Marietta, later moving to Logan Ohio for middle and high school. In high school, George played varsity soccer, participated in the band, and both acted in and designed many of the theater department’s shows. Late in High School, both he and his father started a small eBay business. On his own, George did freelance photography and lawn care work. In college, he co-founded and became co-president of the Oberlin Street Art group, was a business scholar, and did honors in Cinema Studies.

Nicholas Winter is a Computer Science, Mathematics (Applied), and East Asian Studies (China Studies) major from Rochester, Minnesota. He has worked as a verification engineering co-op at IBM, during which he dug a 22’ deep pit in his backyard, and as an REU scholar researching Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech, where he reused hundreds of plastic bottles to build a raft with 350 lbs of buoyant force. At Oberlin, Nick co-founded Oberlin Street Art, worked as a student web developer for ResEd, and created an honors thesis in Computer Science. He enjoys chess, juggling, and playing with lasers and magnets.

Scott Erickson is a Computer Science major from Newport, Rhode Island. He attended high school in Concord, Massachusetts and played oboe in youth orchestras in Boston, including GBYSO and NEC, touring Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Russia with them. Although he has shifted his focus from music to programming while at Oberlin College, music remains a central part of his life. He works for the Conservatory Audio Department, writing software to archive the Conservatory's thousands of recordings. For his Computer Science honors project he is researching and developing software that categorizes pieces of digital music by the emotions they convey.

These bios were written in May 2008


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