Project Participants

Project Award

Program: XARTS Fund
Year: 2018-19
Semester: Spring

Project Description

Silhouettes of a Sunburnt Country is ​a multidisciplinary composition and videography project that will take place in North Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Alice Springs in Australia throughout June, 2019. During our time in Australia, we will be traveling to three starkly different environments, each of which possesses unique sonic and topographical markers. We will be collecting source material for a set of suites for large chamber ensemble to be performed by Oberlin’s Contemporary Music Ensemble under conductor Tim Weiss in September, 2019. We will also be constructing an immersive installation that will open in October, 2019. Documentation of these environments will consist of the recording of birdsongs, ecological soundscapes, videography, and photography focused on capturing the different qualities of the landscapes and wildlife.