Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

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Project Description

In the summer of 2013, we will develop a low-cost device to deliver video based educational content for a classroom-sized audience. It comprises of a mini PC attached to a projector, with data pre-loaded on a hot swappable memory card. The unit runs on a solar powered battery, and will be utilized to provide secondary education to environments lacking efficient formal teaching. Through this, we aim to provide the benefits of online tutoring to environments lacking the infrastructure to support internet access. 

About Saksham Khosla, Venkata Mandala, Prakash Paudel

Saksham Khosla is a rising junior from New Delhi, India. He is studying economics, politics and creative writing at Oberlin, and continues to work for all three departments in varying capacities. Through this project, and as the co-chair of the South Asian Students Association, he seeks to develop a more rigorous understanding of the manner in which access to education re-frames the pursuit of upward mobility in the Global South.

Venkata Shiva Mandala is a rising junior studying Biology and Chemistry at Oberlin College. Shiva is originally from New Delhi, India. Apart from working on several research projects in the aforementioned academic fields, Shiva is an active member of the South Asian Student Association and the Muslim Student Association. He has worked on web development with The Synapse and the Bike Co-op. He is also deeply invested in exploring technology as a tool for social development, especially in the context of developing nations.

Prakash Paudel is an Oberlin College third-year from Nepal. He is an Economics and Mathematics major and a Computer Science minor. At Oberlin he is the co-founder of the Oberlin Entrepreneurship Club (OEC), an organization that aims to provide better resources and mentoring for student entrepreneurs. Further, he has participated in the Oberlin College Business Scholars program and is currently on the Student Finance Committee (SFC). He is also actively involved in the South Asian Students Association (SASA) and Oberlin College Club Soccer. As someone passionate about the intersection of business and technology, he hopes to one day start his own technology company.