Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Record Wreckers

Project Description

“Record Wreckers” combines the gameplay of traditional tower defense games, one of the most popular game types on the mobile markets, with the ambience of the also very popular music game genre. The core mechanics of the game have been reimagined to focus on digital music layering, while still maintaining the concepts that make tower defense games popular in their own right. This game will be released for Android phones and iPhones. We will differentiate ourselves by creating a game that will combine two of the most popular genres of mobile games today (music and strategy) into a new, immersive experience for the average mobile gamer.

About Kaitlyn Price, Greg Schram, Bridget van Breeman

Kaitlyn Price was born in 1993 and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She started programming video games at the tender age of eight and produced a series of games when she was in high school that aided her peers in studying. Currently, Kaitlyn studies computer science, mathematics, and East Asian studies at Oberlin College. She is an employee of both Oberlin College and Carnegie Mellon University in a variety of technological roles. Kaitlyn founded Eccentric Robot Games in order to improve the variety of games in mobile markets; she hopes the company will be known for creative, innovative games.

Bridget van Breeman grew up in Elmhurst, Illinois, a western Chicago suburb. Fascinated by comics, film, and digital media from an early age, she soon began honing her own creative skills. During grade school she made comic strips for friends and family. She also began teaching herself the basics of web coding, and using digital drawing programs. While attending Saint Ignatius College Prep, she began exploring animation and a growing interest in computer science. Now a student at Oberlin College, Bridget hopes to develop her programming and design skills and plans to major in computer science.