Project Award

Program: FIG Fund
Year: 2017-18
Semester: Fall

Project Description

Quartet Davis is a string quartet from Oberlin, OH dedicated to exploring a wide range of musical traditions and pushing the boundaries of chamber music. The Quartet embeds improvisation into its original pieces and arrangements of traditional and contemporary works.

Each member comes from a diverse musical background, ultimately integrating their ensemble skills and musical fluency across a wide range of styles, including: jazz, blues, R&B, bluegrass, and traditional Nordic folk music.

During Winter Term 2018, Quartet Davis will embark on a trip throughout the northeastern US, crafting arrangements and working with musicians from a variety of genres -- all with an eye toward expanding the boundaries of creative string playing. There will be collaborations resulting in the premieres of new works and also coachings from mentors. Cities included on the tour are Asheville, NC; Lewisburg, WV; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Boston, MA; and Columbus, OH. The Quartet will perform in a variety of venues, work with creative ensembles and improvising string players, and lead workshops on improvision and performance for young string players.

For more information, visit the Quartet Davis Facebook page.