Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Picky Bars

Project Description

Since private sector startups provide a testing ground for the acquisition of meaningful entrepreneurial and life skills, I am interning at Picky Bars, a small start-up company in Eugene, Oregon. The company makes and sells gluten- and dairy-free snack bars. The internship is an ideal opportunity to learn about marketing a niche product within a year of its conception. I have been tasked with improving the company’s marketing strategy and the website. My current goals are to cement the company’s personality, increase the number of hits the website receives, and heighten the name recognition of the company.

About Ty Diringer

Ty Diringer is a sophomore at Oberlin College, majoring in politics and creative writing. This is his first foray into the world of entrepreneurship, but, not his first into the business aspect of athletics.  He has worked at several boutique running shops in various positions, learning the fundamentals of the interactions between vendors and buyers. Prior to Picky Bars, he spent time working with Organizing for America and the National Peace Corps Association. At Oberlin, he is working within the group ObieWear, which produces student-designed apparel for the Oberlin bookstore, runs varsity track and cross country, and is the Team Leader of the city of Oberlin for Organizing For America.