Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

The Peanut Sauce Project 2017

Project Description

The Peanut Sauce Project 2017 is a documentary film series and art installation that explores the lives of marginalized groups in Thailand’s education system. Our four films, featuring original soundtracks for saw and khlui, will be screened at the installation made of Thai rice pods, Thai silk, photographs, and dirt.

A bilingual theater workshop at a rural school: We will be creating a student play at Ban Phot Community School along with the school’s Thai music ensemble. The film aims to capture cross-cultural communication and how performing arts bridge the language barriers.

Learn farming and crafting technique from students with hearing disabilities: Since the inclusion of people with disabilities is minimally addressed, we will be trained by students at Phetchabun School for the Deaf on farming, cooking, and crafting. We want to portray their talents and show that hearing difficulties, like language barriers, can be overcome by empathy.

Reimagine children’s history textbooks: Filmed at the Bangkok Chinatown and a historical Myanmese-Thai battle field, we will present content that is not yet included in children’s history textbooks, highlighting immigration history in the 1930s and ASEAN relations in the modern day.

Friends with different religious backgrounds: Since 93% of the Thai population subscribes to Buddhism, we want to explore how different educational institutions accommodate people of different faiths and what challenges they face.