Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

OUTHERE Productions

Project Description

We are applying for the Creativity and Leadership Fellowship in order to establish the first 3D production company to offer clients the opportunity to take part in the 3D marketplace at an affordable price. Using our business acumen and artistic sensibilities, OUTHERE Productions will provide a voice and 3D visual presence to those who previously could not afford it. Our mission is to provide artists, musicians, writers, local businesses, and public servants with an economical 3D advantage in a market dominated by 2D content.

OUTHERE Productions will have three main functions: 1) Produce, Shoot, Edit and Package affordable 3D videos for clients; 2) Advance an unexplored art form by creating groundbreaking 3D content and sharing it with an online community through our website OUTHERE.TV; 3) Foster 3D “Media Literacy” by giving workshops and classes on the fundamentals of 3D production.

The demand for 3D media is rapidly growing and while large production companies are putting their multi-million dollar budgets behind blockbuster enterprises, no one is providing 3D content at a grassroots level. There is an untapped market with large potential for financial and artistic growth. Our mission is to make 3D video production available to smaller entities.

With our filmmaking experience, connections in the industry, a good understanding of business strategy, and most of all, our dedicated vision, the OUTHERE Productions team will take the industry head on. Our services will include the shooting, editing, and packaging of 3D videos. We will be available for hire to shoot concerts, public service announcements, music videos, outreach programs, fashion shows, events, and advertising. Utilizing our website OUTHERE.TV, we will offer a well-developed, global portal to display our work and contribute to the ongoing dialogue of this emerging art form. Our unique 3D videos will challenge viewers worldwide to respond and react with their own work. In this way, we are dedicated to fostering a 3D community of artists and creative pioneers willing to test the limits of this unexplored medium while at the same time maintaining a savvy and sustainable business model.

About Harry Israelson, David Sherwin, Federico Sanchez-Llamos

Harry Israelson is a graduating Cinema Studies major who has been involved with filmmaking for his entire life. Growing up in the midst of New York City’s film world, Harry has held jobs in production at Focus Features and Moxie Pictures, which provided him with a good knowledge of the industry as well as strong professional connections. He has worked as a cameraman at a local television station in New York called Plum TV, as well as an instructor at The Ross School Film & Media Camp, where he taught students the basics of video production. Harry has written, directed, and produced several films, commercials, and music videos of his own. In 2009, Harry produced a film that was accepted into the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival. He has also studied at Prague Film School, where he was able to finesse his talents as both a producer and filmmaker. He is currently in the process of finishing his final film project at Oberlin.
David Sherwin is a graduating Cinema Studies major with a strong focus in post-production. He has been working with Final Cut Pro since high school and became quite fluent in the Avid editing system during his studies at Prague Film School in the Fall 2009. He has worked on a handful of student and professional productions, including editing footage for The NYCLU, Teachers Across Borders, Oberlin Athletics Department, and the Hip Hop production company Hazanati. In 2010, David traveled to Cambodia where he filmed and edited a documentary focusing on the rescue efforts of individuals during the Khmer Rouge genocide. He also has most recently worked for HybridFilms, the post-production house responsible for the hit “A&E” show "Dog The Bounty Hunter". He is fluent in stereoscopic editing where he converges and color corrects two images together, which creates a fully immersive 3D experience.

Federico is a graduating Economics major who has both an academic and industry background in economics and finance. At Oberlin College he has taken an extensive range of economics and mathematics courses. During his Junior year, Federico spent a semester abroad at the prestigious University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. He has held a variety of internships in the financial sector. At Bulltick Capital Markets, a hedge fund based out of New York City, Federico generated financial models and business plans. He spent a summer in Chile at the Chilean State Bank- BancoEstado, where he researched and collected data on the Macro-economic conditions of Chile and Latin America. In 2009, he won a highly competitive internship at JP Morgan Chase based in New York City. The following summer, Federico was invited to return to the company and provided with a greater opportunity to learn and move forward within the financial world.