Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Music at Mercy Allen Hospital

Project Description

Numerous studies indicate that music helps minimize patient stress in hospitals. Many hospitals have thus implemented programs that provide live performances to patients. Through this project, patients at Mercy Allen Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Center will be able to participate in such programs by requesting one-on-one performances by volunteer conservatory students.

About Jessica Saw

Jessica is a fifth-year double-degree student originally from Olympia, Washington. Currently studying with Alvin Chow, she is majoring in Neuroscience and Piano Performance with a minor in Chemistry. Jessica first began incorporating music into health careers through Kendal, where she led one-on-one music sessions with Stephens Care Center residents. Jessica is also involved in planning and leading fall and spring break community service trips with Immerse Yourself in Service. Though she has held various elected positions in OSCA, she is currently head cook of Pizza Night at Pyle Inn Co-op.