Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Music and More

Project Description

Together, Davis Erickson (’16) and Hannah Parkins (’15) are the hosts of a weekly podcast called Music and More. They are both students in the conservatory (Hannah’s also in the college) and have a passion for discussing music and the arts as they relate to the world around them. The tandem has been good friends and colleagues at Oberlin since day one. Both hope to have careers in creative fields and are really excited to share the podcast with you!

In these episodes, Erickson and Parkins chat with fellow conservatory students and Oberlin community members. The podcast covers a variety of topics that range from casual musings to more profound ponderings. One of the ultimate goals of the podcast is to make classical music more accessible to a broader range of people. By talking casually and passionately about the performing arts, they hope to include people who otherwise would not have considered classical music “for them."

Music And More addresses any and all topics relevant to being human. The glue that binds these episodes together is the general theme of music and the arts. By letting the conversations evolve organically, every installment is unique; and not simply the same interview with a different person each week–frankly, that would be very boring! Erickson and Parkins make a habit of getting to know their guests on a personal level so that the listeners hear a variety of perspectives from performing artists and community members. Music and More is an entertaining, thought-provoking weekly show that anyone can engage with at any time.