Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Media Production and Marketing

Project Description

We are in the process of laying the groundwork for a media production and marketing company. This company will specialize in video production and post-production, photography, image manipulation, web design, graphic design, consulting, marketing, branding and more. We are currently building the foundations for our company and legally formalizing our partnership so that we are in a position to pursue media production and marketing full-time following graduation.

About Michael Olson, Theodore Anthony

Michael Olson was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin and attended Madison East High School before his matriculation at Oberlin College. Michael studies “Communication and Media in the Digital Era.” During his time at Oberlin, he has built and lived in a geodesic dome, worked at a movie studio in Hollywood, interned with a marketing company in Manhattan and worked on countless projects, big and small, by himself and with friends. Michael intends to continue to generate content across many different media and is seriously interested in pursuing entrepreneurship following his graduation from Oberlin in 2012. Peace!

Theo Anthony is a senior double-majoring in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, Theo is the oldest of four boys and two cats. During his time of study here, Theo has made movies, designed websites, interned as a videographer at the National Zoo, and edited documentaries for FOUND Magazine in New York. After graduation, he plans to continue directing music videos and commercials, as well as developing his skills in 3-D animation, programming, and design.