Project Participants

Project Award

Program: FIG Fund
Year: 2017-18
Semester: Fall

Project Description


We often see our minds and bodies as separate entities. For this reason, we approach conflicts of the spirit without involving the body, and vice versa. A feeling of personal unrest comes from the separation of physical being and immaterial self. Our project team sees this internal conflict as being inherently human, and therefore something we can observe in two highly disparate environments. Through a video-album and live performance combining poetry, music, and dance, we will express the themes of insignificance and isolation in order to bring an audience into the effects of this separation of mind and body. By filming our piece in two disparate locations (New York City and Wellington, Ohio), we will present an internal conflict as existing across environments. While in these locations, we will conduct two kinds of research: personal and observational. Our personal research will consist of putting ourselves in these locations in order to experience the conflict we intend to portray. The observational research will be conducted through interviews with locals in each environment, as well as through the daily interactions with the populations of each region. We will document our findings and then process them together through our art. Malady of the Infinite will be presented in March as a product of a unique process of simultaneously researching, observing, and producing as a group.