Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Lynch Community Garden Project

Project Description

The Lynch Community Garden project aims to empower a small coal-mining community that has little access to fresh produce. We will start a garden that will allow residents to work together to grow their own food and provide youth with an alternative activity to risky behaviors. After the initial setup in the summer of 2012, the garden will be maintained entirely by Lynch residents, as we believe they have the power to create positive change in their own community. We hope the garden will offer Lynch residents fresh, local produce and healthy outdoor activities for decades to come.

About Hillary Neff and Rachel Manning

Hilary Neff is currently a third year student at Oberlin College majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus in Food Justice and Sustainable Communities. Hilary is originally from Redondo Beach, California, but she now spends most of her time in Oberlin, Ohio head cooking at her co-op and leading alternative break service trips for Oberlin students. Hilary has also volunteered on several farms and loves working with animals. She is very passionate about local foods and community empowerment projects, and she hopes to pursue a career in these areas after graduating from Oberlin.

Rachel Manning is currently a second year student at Oberlin College majoring in Sociology and East Asian Studies. She is involved with a variety of food justice activities on campus, leads community service trips during academic breaks for Oberlin students, is a head cook for her co-op, and has recently started after-school cooking classes at the local junior high school in town. After graduating from college, Rachel plans to focus on making local, sustainable foods available to schools and communities with little access to fresh, healthy food. She loves community gardens, co-ops, cooking, and great food!