Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Licensing an Innovative Automated Histological Slide-Mounting Technology

Project Description

This innovative histological device, offers a mechanism for improvement and automation of the process of mounting biological matter onto glass slides, a ubiquitous and laborious task common to many fields of science. The production prototype of the device has been assembled, and its two innovative parts being the subject of 1-2 patents currently being prepared for submission.


Vincent A. Alessi;  Spent the 2010 academic year as a DOE visiting undergraduate research fellow at Oak Ridge National Labs, and will spend this summer as an invited Proctor Fellow at Harvard Medical School before returning to Oberlin and graduating in 2011 with majors in biochemistry and neuroscience. During college Vince has been a summer research fellow at Rockefeller University where he was a guest in the Portrait of the Scientist series, a graduate-level intern in the technology commercialization TechStart program at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, a researcher with Jan Thornton of the Oberlin Neuroscience department, a tutor in the Biology department, and has coauthored a chapter of the 2007 edition of the book Psychiatric Clinics of North America. Vince applied for his first patent at the age of 16, and has business experience from having started and run a small business (an LLC) during high school that refurbished and resold analytical and life science instruments.

Daniel Abramson will graduate this May from Oberlin with a major in politics. While at Oberlin he served as a Student Senator, Politics Major Representative, and Cole Scholar in Electoral Politics.  Daniel has been accepted into the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs (2010-2011) for their New York City location.  This summer he will return to Brooklyn, where he was raised, to intern at IceStone (an environmentally friendly building materials manufacturer).

Composed in May 2010