Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Kantara is a design business specializing in hand-woven rugs and home furnishings, directly sourced from women’s weaving cooperatives in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. We were first inspired by the tenacity of the women weavers in rural Morocco and their commitment to preserving an art form that goes back generations. Growing out of our love for the art and design of Moroccan textiles, we currently operate at the confluence of business, art, and education.

Kantara, meaning ‘bridge’ in Arabic, closes the gap between rural Moroccan weavers and those interested in supporting ethical, fair trade products in the United States. Through our relationship with the women artisans, Kantara ensures that business is conducted in a way that is transparent and accountable to the Moroccan makers, while promoting well-designed home-furnishings that are compelling in their story, stunning in their patterns, and functional in their design. With Kantara we curate our collections with reverence to the past and with a nod to the contemporary – global design for modern living.