Project Participants

Project Award

Program: XARTS Fund
Year: 2017-18
Semester: Spring

Project Description

Juturna: A Short Film will be a multidisciplinary collaboration between Oberlin singer-songwriter/composer and artist Lena Rich, experimental photographer/videographer Nicholas Tenney, and Oberlin TIMARA student Daniel Markus, to create a short film capturing the journey of water from the mountains to the sea. Using field recordings, vocals, instrumentation (guitar, piano, mandolin) and film, Nick and Lena will convey the various contrasting natural environments in whichwater exists, thus capturing a diverse selection of environments. Nick and Lena will begin in the mountains of Glacier National Park in Montana, and travel south stopping at select places along the way (such as Yellowstone National Park and Zion, UT) where water exists in some of the most extreme forms found on earth. After capturing water in the barren desert, in streams of slot canyons, and the ice of glaciers, they will end the journey in a place both Nick and Lena call home: Maine. There they will capture the sounds and sights of the ocean, the final repository of water. Daniel Markus, a TIMARA student at Oberlin, will assist with the sound design, mixing, and mastering of the film score.