Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

HistoryTomorrow is an innovative, web-based educational solution that breaks down the barriers to teaching current events. Our product transforms students’ attitude towards the world around them by fusing compelling news narratives with social networking technologies. Our proprietary interface is packed with comprehension tools that ensure students get the most out of readings. Integrated assessments track student progress. By indexing our content to state standards, HistoryTomorrow offers teachers and administrators comprehensive reports about what students are reading and what content is giving them trouble. By unifying content, delivery, and evaluation, HistoryTomorrow is an indispensable tool for the social studies teacher.

About Matthew Rubinstein, James Dietz

Matthew Rubinstein has worked with young people in camps, after-school programs, daycares, and classrooms. Most recently he worked at KIPP:Infinity Charter School in Harlem, New York, part of the innovative Knowledge Is Power Program network. He has seen first hand the success of expert teachers and driven schools and also the day-to-day struggles confronting educators. Mr. Rubinstein hopes to develop cutting edge educational products that reshape students’ attitude toward learning and propel teachers’ work in the classroom.

James Dietz is an experienced programmer majoring in Computer Science. He has worked on a large-scale social networking project employing Ruby on Rails. He has developed several data-driven websites with PHP/MySQL, Perl, and ASP. In addition to his web work, Mr. Dietz is proficient in several programming languages including Visual Basic, Java, and C/C++.  He has developed audio games for the blind—games using sound as the sole player feedback mechanism. Mr. Dietz looks forward to realizing cutting-edge educational products.