Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

The Football BarN

Project Description

According to a recent report on the environment of my hometown—Plovdiv, Bulgaria—the major goal of the City of Plovdiv is to raise awareness about environmental issues in the society and to increase societal participation in green initiatives. In addition, our market research has shown that people in my hometown would like to have the opportunity to watch football (soccer) at a sports bar. The Football BarN combines those two social problems and needs. It provides a first-of-a-kind place designed for people to watch their favorite sport in my hometown. In addition, the space has the environment in mind. At the Football BarN, we adopt energy and water saving practices, waste management, and we use only local, organic food. Thus, the Football BarN would be the first green sports bar in Bulgaria, where people would not only watch sports, but also would learn more about their ecological footprint and sustainability from the various information sources provided at the bar.

About Vasil Zlatev

Vasil Zlatev was born and raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He came to the US in 2006 when he was awarded full scholarship to attend Oberlin College. Vasil is a senior who majors in Economics and Psychology with a minor in Environmental Studies. Vasil is passionate about sustainability issues and during his time at Oberlin has been involved in a number of environmental organizations. He was a member of the steering committee for the construction of a new, sustainable dorm on campus. Vasil was also invited to participate in the meetings of Oberlin’s Committee on Environmental Sustainability. He is one of the students who reestablished the Environmental Policy Implementation Group (EPIG) that holds the college accountable for its environmental policy. Vasil is part of the Dorm Energy research team that is looking on ways to promote resource conservation through monitoring technology. His other activities include: senior research assistant to Psychology professors Prof. Cindy Frantz and Prof Stephan Mayer, member of the International Student Organization, and a club soccer player. Vasil aspires to work on promoting sustainability on a local and global level. Vasil enjoys playing and watching soccer, listening to music, reading, cooking, and getting together with friends.

Composed in February 2010