Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Food and music research

Project Description

My idea is to combine food and music in a new way, ultimately exploring the relationship between two seemingly different sensory experiences. A lack of connection with our food makes it difficult for people to make desired dietary changes or food-eating habits. If there were a way to simultaneously help people consciously engage with the food they consume and provide them with novel entertainment, our relationship with food could change. I (the composer) and musicians will collaborate with a chef to create a multiple course meal. Each dish in the meal will be eaten along with music that I have written to reflect and enhance the dish.

My neuroscience background and feedback from a prototype event will provide me with the knowledge necessary to implement this idea. After the event, attendees will fill out a survey describing their experience and their perceived effectiveness of the concept. The form will also ask people what aspects of the music they felt were (or were not) complementary for each dish. The more the feedback I receive, the more improvements I can make in future iterations of the concept.