Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Every day, hundreds of tuna are captured off the coast of Indonesia. Within just 72 hours, they are chilled, packaged, shipped, processed, auctioned, prepared, and served 3,500 miles away— in Tokyo. This January, we will be sailing through the coastal waters of Banda Aceh, catching a flight with a fish across the Pacific ocean, basking in the salty air of the Tsukiji tuna market, and joining a dinner at a well-lit sushi restaurant: tracking a single tuna from Sumatran sea to Japanese metropolis. Through film, composition, sound design, and computer programming, Fin is an interactive multimedia piece that tells the story of our planet’s incredible, yet seldom considered, network of food manufacturing.

From the home of an Acehnese fishermen to the tungsten glow of a Tokyo restaurant, each frame of the process will be filmed as a cinematic portrait using parallel camera movements and blocking. These narratives will then be recombined into a unique filmic interactive called an “exquisite corpse.” As the viewer watches the film, they will be able to switch between the heads, bodies, and legs of each character. The audience will literally have the power to superimpose the diner with the cargo merchant, or the chef with the boat captain. It will manifest the many characters directly responsible for our food, drawing attention to their interconnectedness and fluidity.

Fin seeks to tell the story of a single piece of sashimi from both global and individual perspectives. In offering the opportunity to arrive at personal narratives, we ask viewers to disentangle the net of industry in order to see more clearly those whom it intertwines. Fin attempts to highlight the seemingly invisible rivers of connectivity that link our increasingly globalized lives— a multimedia piece that as entertaining as it is thought-provoking. A piece that aims to forever change the way you look at the sea.