Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

The Enhancement Project

Project Description

The Enhancement Project is a budding organization aimed at issues around waste, waste removal and consumption in Senegal, ElizWest Africa. The Enhancement Project will work with the local community and with ecological organizations in Senegal to create a program and initiative around education on waste, and waste removal. The Enhancement Project hopes to install a new infrastructure around waste that will educate Senegalese people on the importance of watching one’s consumption, and also on the damaging effects of untreated waste. In all, The Enhancement Project hopes to create a new consciousness around the importance of waste management in Senegal.

About Eliza Diop

Eliza Diop ’14 is a young, African-American and Senegalese woman majoring in African-American Studies and Politics, with a minor in Sociology. Her interests include the dynamics of political and social structure within communities where there are intersectionalities between majority groups around race, class and gender, and minority groups around the same subjects. Currently, her interests are focused around international politics and relations, and the study of social development and sustainable development in other countries.