Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Eco Internships

Project Description

I will be working with the Earth Rights Eco Village Institute, Senegal’s National Eco-Village Agency and Beyond Fair Trade to develop a trade model that empowers communities, expands existing trade networks and increases economic diversity and activity in eco-villages. We will ultimately be doing research to support a global Fair Trade initiative.

About Eliza Diop

My name is Eliza Diop and I am a sophomore at Oberlin College. I am from Los Angeles, CA and I am Senegalese and African-American. I am a Student Senator and I am also one of the Resident Assistants in Afrikan Heritage House. I am majoring in African-American Studies and considering a double major in Politics. I am interested in Black activism and social and political justice for all people. In the future, I hope to work in Fashion Merchandising and to ultimately create a clothing and shoe line called “Original.Lifestyle” for tall women and women who wear sizes 11 and over.