Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Developing Cinematography Skills

Project Description

In order to return to the origins of the documentary film, develop his skills as a cinematographer and explore the emerging field of sensory ethnography, Gilfether will spend the summer shooting and learning to hand-develop 16mm black and white film. He intends to use this "slow media" to create a large collection of vignettes that profile the sensory experience of public transportation and public space in the fast-paced ecosystem of New York City.

About Patrick Gilfether

Patrick Gilfether spent his youth building bicycles and making trouble in Oberlin, Ohio, where he now attends college. He has travelled to Antarctica, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Nepal, Indonesia, China and the Czech Republic. Along the way he has had his contacts stolen by monkeys, learned how to rock-climb, spent twenty-three and a half hours in the Delhi airport, and got lost in the jungle. As a rising senior Cinema Studies major at Oberlin College, Gilfether is interested in creating non-linguistic films that use sound and image to offer viewers experiences of specific places upon which human lifestyles depend.