Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

The Collective

Project Description

The cost of making theatre is very high; too high for young artists who are still developing their craft and have yet to find a stable job in the arts; they are, after all, rather scarce. These emerging professionals are in need of the space, support, and inspiration, but will probably be working jobs separate from the arts or, if they do work in the arts, assisting more senior artists without the opportunity to share their own work. The Collective provides them with an outlet to create and find new collaborators. Additionally, because theater is so expensive to make, most theaters have gotten stuck in the subscription-based business model. Due to high subscription costs, this model typically limits audienceship to wealthy, older, white people. As a result, the work that is generated is made to appeal to that audience, which unfortunately, is a very narrow view of theater in my opinion. In a word, it's boring and exhausted. Consequently, theatre is becoming less and less appealing to young audiences. Like other art forms, theatre is becoming more intermedial and requires more interdisciplinary collaboration.