Project Participants

Project Award

Program: FIG Fund
Year: 2017-18
Semester: Fall

Project Description

The Cello Springs Festival project is an exploration of music through the lens of the cello. It began in 2016 as an event which explores the ways cello connects musicians.

Participating musicians will be given the opportunity to work with like-minded artists over the course of two weeks of practice, teaching, and performing in Yellow Springs, OH. The core group will be eight cellists and will be joined by up to 20 other musicians for larger ensemble performances.

CSF is an intergenerational event with participants ranging in age from college students to seasoned professionals. In this spirit, CSF will offer an apprentice position to a dedicated young cellist between the ages of 10-18. Additionally, CSF looks forward to acquainting the Yellow Springs community with cello-centric repertoire, with planned performances in the local retirement community and workshops and presentation in local schools.

Visit the Cello Springs Festival Facebook page and website.