Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Bridgehampton Brewery

Project Description

The Bridgehampton Brewery will be the first Kombucha brewery in Long Island, New York. It will brew the live-cultured, probiotic drink to be bottled, kegged, and distributed to restaurants, small businesses, and catering companies across the East End. The Brewery will fit seamlessly within the South Fork, an area that takes pride in its agrarian history, and is home to a thriving local food movement and burgeoning wine scene. Located in the heart of its market, the Bridgehampton Brewery can bypass shipping and tax costs faced by rival companies, thus providing a highly competitive product cost. 

About Abigail Collier and Sylvia Channing

We are East End natives with a love for the area and its active local food culture. As avid 'buch drinkers, we are aware of the energizing, health-promoting qualities of Kombucha, but equally aware of the high costs of the habit and the energy-intensive nature of cross-country refrigerated shipping. We want everyone to be able to enjoy Kombucha, and to localize its production for the sake of the strength of the living cultures it contains that makes the beverage so special. We would like to introduce a healthy, non-alcoholic beverage to a wine and cocktail dominated social culture.