Innovation and Impact: Past Projects

Bread and Butter Silkscreening Studios

Project Description

We are the Bread & Butter Collective—a group of print makers dedicated to earning their daily bread while creating a space to enjoy life’s butter: community, progressive change, and creative process. With the support of the Creativity and Leadership Fellowship, the Bread & Butter Collective can begin to implement its mission in obtaining the resources to silkscreen. With this we will be able to support social change by subsidizing activists with money earned from commercial jobs.

About The Members

Sara Krugman is originally from outside Boston Massachusetts. Sara’s artistic practice is based around process, dealing with personal experience to build non-linear, multi-media installation work. As a part of Bread and Butter, Sara employs her communication and organizational skills to facilitate collaboration and productivity. Sara graduated in May 2009 from Oberlin College with a double major in Studio Art and Honors Cinema Studies.

Asa Ivry-Block is the youngest member of Bread and Butter Collective. He graduated in 2010 with a major in Visual Arts and African American Studies. Asa currently works designing and printing posters for groups all over the Oberlin campus. He has experience and skills as a graphic designer, website builder and silk-screener and is extremely excited to set these skills to work with The Bread and Butter Collective.

Jolie Signorile graduated in ‘08, and moved to NYC in August.  At Oberlin she completed a double major in Studio Art and Comparative American Studies student.  Currently she works for an array of different performance artists as well as a studio assistant and event manager. She is excited about bringing her organizing and marketing skills to the Bread and Butter Collective.

Gabriel Cohen graduated in May of '08 with a degree in Studio Art and Politics.  He moved home to New York City in August, and has since been working as a freelance graphic designer and print maker.  Gabe is eager to create a studio for himself and others. He is driven by collaborative processes and making a social impact with the skills he has.