Innovation and Impact: Past Projects


Project Description

Applaud is a new way for businesses to communicate with their customers through a smartphone. Focusing on the need for businesses to have a clear voice in the growing tech landscape, Applaud facilitates an interactive conversation between customers, businesses, and employees. One highlighted feature of Applaud will be the ability for customers to evaluate individual employees. Industry-specific generic interactions will be generated for millions of businesses using a location-based API. Businesses can tailor Applaud to their specific needs by customizing the aesthetic and content.

About Wyatt Hayman, Shahab Raza, Jack Kearney

Wyatt Hayman is a dreamer with a love for problem solving.  In the coming year he hopes to turn entrepreneurship from a hobby into a career.  He is dedicated to using his influence for developing large-scale social equality and environmental sustainability. Wyatt’s long-term vision is to create a replicable net-positive energy factory, with electronic classrooms for educating employees and their children. As an Oberlin student, Wyatt has participated in a one-month silent meditation retreat, been the sole captain of the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team, and received the Andrew’s Family Award for Excellence in Academics, Athletics, and Leadership. Wyatt is a Biology major from Belvedere, California.

Shahab Raza is graduating with BA in Mathematics and Philosophy, Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa, with honors in Mathematics looking at the diameter of random graphs. Shahab played on the Oberlin Soccer varsity team with Wyatt for 3 years, joined Applaud in late October and plans to continue his research into modeling social networks for his Master's at Oxford University next year before returning to Applaud full time. Having played 3 varsity sports (including golf and tennis) Shahab is an avid sports fan and an infrequent blogger on European Soccer. He is from Karachi, Pakistan and plans on returning to coach and work in higher education.

Jack Kearney is a graduating with a BA in Math and Economics, with a minor in Computer Science and honors in Economics. His honors project consisted of a computational model of agents participating in combinatorial auctions in the trucking industry. Throughout his time at Oberlin Jack has been interested in entrepreneurship. In his sophomore year he noticed that the transportation options for students were limited. To solve this Jack founded Wilder Lines, a company focused on providing transportation between major urban areas during academic breaks. Wilder Lines is in the process of expanding to other colleges and will continue to run after Jack leaves Oberlin. Some of Jack’s other interests include interactive/computer art, web development, and skateboarding. Originally he’s from Minneapolis, MN.