Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

Shuangshuan (Amy) Liang


Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Amy Liang is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics, and she has a strong interest in public relations and communication. Being aware of the detriment of an exam-oriented education system to students’ non-academic life, Amy would like to form a youth league that enriches the extracurricular life of Chinese high school students. She was the chief organizer of Golden Autumn Art Festival, the traditional annual event in her high school, for which she initialed the strategy of fundraising from the community via successful public relations and communication methods. Her strategy was passed down in her high school for various student programs and events, which continuously benefits the students under preponderant academic stress. At Oberlin College, she is the student controller for SFC (Student Finance Committee), and is in charge of campus liaison for the International Student Organization.

Composed in November 2009

Participant biographies were submitted at the time of the project and may contain information that is no longer current.