Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

Sage Aronson


Sage Aronson is a sophomore neuroscience major splitting his time between Guilford, CT and Beals Island, ME. When he was ten, he started a small business (SageWoods) making and selling wooden ornaments at craft fairs in New England. It soon developed into a primarily wholesale operation, targeting niche markets such a pedigree dogs, llamas, and horses as well as the more traditional Christmas ornaments. In its sixth year of operation, Sage launched a venture called SynergyWoods—an organization that allowed people with mental disabilities to earn a competitive wage ($14-30/hour as opposed to the traditional “piece-work” model where $2-4/hour is not uncommon) thereby weaning them off of family and state dependence. At Oberlin, he is co-founder and president of the Applied Social Development Association and runs an after-school math program for 3rd graders. He is a 2009 Shansi In-Asia Grant recipient and spent last winter-term collecting folk-stories in Nepal. He enjoys playing squash, writing, and adventuring.

Participant biographies were submitted at the time of the project and may contain information that is no longer current.