Other Participant


Nicholas Tenney currently holds a BA in Film and Photography from Montana State University at Bozeman. Originally from Portland, Maine, he arrived in Bozeman with the intent to focus on film studies, but was quickly enticed by other forms of media. Upon discovering alternative darkroom processes while studying under Christina Anderson, Nicholas quickly began exploring as many experimental processes as he could, which allowed a new creative avenue to unfold. Although most of his time is currently spent enjoying this new world of experimental photography, he retains a strong passion for working with other individuals and businesses. In the coming year, Nicholas will be working as a co-founder of a new art collective in Bozeman, named The Artery Collective. This organization will function as an all inclusive gallery space, makerspace, and event space. The Artery Collective hopes to create a community that is passionate about art and its potential to bring positivity to people’s lives, as well as a discussion space for societal and individual health and progress. It will contain a gallery, a photography studio, and equipment for producing finished products in different mediums: printers, a kiln for ceramics, and screen presses. There will also be space for film premieres, workshops, and other similar events. 


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