Photo of Nicholas King
Alumni Participant


Director Art of Giving Back Oberlin, Ohio

From an early age, I realized that I loved two things – playing piano and helping others. From the age of 7, I began raising money for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles by playing piano in my local supermarket and mall during the holiday season. Through my dedicated efforts I was able to raise over $35,000 for my favorite organization. This experience was a pivotal point in my life – I suddenly realized the difference that music can make in our world.

I don’t think of Art of Giving Back as an organization, but rather as a passion and life’s work that I’ve been building up to since I first performed in the meat department at my local grocery store. This is a formalization of ideas and experiences that I’ve been processing my entire life. As I’ve developed as a musician, I’ve had the privilege to travel extensively for performances and meet people from around the world. Though my surroundings and circumstances change from one city to the next, the one thing that remains true is that music is a common denominator between us all and that it has the amazing capacity to create a connection between people. 

Traveling down this road has not always been easy. I’ve encountered numerous obstacles along my way, but was fortunate enough to always have someone to help me through the difficult periods. I am now in a position where I know I have the ability to reach out and help others by sharing the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences.

I have performed in a variety of venues – from a shopping mall to Carnegie Hall. Each time I step on stage I am always grateful for the opportunity to share such an amazing art with others. I firmly believe that classical music is one of the most beautiful art forms – it has the ability to transport us from our day-to-day lives and temporarily transcend us to a world of inspiration and beauty. In each performance I strive to share the passion and wonders I’ve had the privilege of discovering with my audiences.

Oberlin has been a wonderful launching pad for the growth and development of this organization. I am grateful to all of the people who have helped to advance our cause and look forward to connecting to more Obies!


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