Photo of Max Bessesen ’16
Alumni Participant
Major: Jazz Saxophone


Max Bessesen is a dynamic, versatile, young performer and composer equally at home in divergent musical realms. His primary instrument is Alto Sax, but he doubles on all the Saxophones, Flute, and Clarinet. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Max started performing at age 11 and has been recognized at numerous state and city-wide honor bands and festivals. Max has had the pleasure of performing with Jazz greats like Julien Labro (Hot Club of Detroit), Tim Reis, and Abraham Laboriel. He has also recorded and performed with contemporary pop ensembles like Devotchka, The Foxfield Four, and The Fray. Always eager for new musical adventures, Max is a positive friendly musical partner open to experimentation and innovation. Max studied jazz saxophone with Gary Bartz.


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