Student Participant
Major: Politics, Individually Designed Major: Contemporary Songwriting


Lena Rich is a musician and singer/songwriter from Edgecomb, Maine. A second-year student at Oberlin College, she is majoring in Politics and Contemporary Songwriting: Performance and Entrepreneurship, an individual major she designed. She has released multiple projects, most recently a full-length album, Something In Between, which has been met with praise. Lena has mentored with renowned songwriters such as Anais Mitchell, Antje Duvekot, Bridget Kearney of Lake Street Dive, and Alec Spiegelman of Cuddle Magic. Her music is frequently played on major New England stations such as Boston’s ‘The River’ and Portland’s ‘WCLZ.’ In the fall of 2017, Lena was a co-creator of Mimi Xu’s installation Awkward Moments, under the supervision of Peter Swendsen. More of Lena’s work can be found on her website.


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