Photo of Judy Jackson
Student Participant


Judy Jackson currently attends Oberlin College and Conservatory where she is a Double Degree student in the Technology in Music and Related Arts and Computer Science departments. She enjoys applying her coding skills towards creating new sound palettes and devices for the performance of electronic music. Judy also loves audio synthesis and spends much of her time working on the ARP 2600 and in MaxMSP. She hopes to someday develop a methodology of performing electronic music that uses the same precision and detail as fixed media that requires the same amount of skill as that of a traditional classical musician. Judy’s work has been recognized by the Schubert Club of Minnesota, Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival, and Minnesota Public Radio. She has studied with Wynn-Anne Rossi, James Dillon, Lyn Goeringer, and Lewis Nielsen and is currently studying with Peter Swendsen and Aaron Helgeson.


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