Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

Harry Israelson


Harry Israelson is a graduating Cinema Studies major who has been involved with filmmaking for his entire life. Growing up in the midst of New York City’s film world, Harry has held jobs in production at Focus Features and Moxie Pictures, which provided him with a good knowledge of the industry as well as strong professional connections. He has worked as a cameraman at a local television station in New York called Plum TV, as well as an instructor at The Ross School Film & Media Camp, where he taught students the basics of video production. Harry has written, directed, and produced several films, commercials, and music videos of his own. In 2009, Harry produced a film that was accepted into the prestigious Hamptons International Film Festival. He has also studied at Prague Film School, where he was able to finesse his talents as both a producer and filmmaker. He is currently in the process of finishing his final film project at Oberlin.

Participant biographies were submitted at the time of the project and may contain information that is no longer current.