Alumni Participant
Major: Environmental Studies


Gaby is an Environmental Studies major, with an emphasis in ecology, and a Politics minor from Berkeley, CA.  She is active in OSCA as a head cook and has been involved in sustainable agriculture projects at the George Jones Farm and in larger Lorain County. She also teaches Spanish in nearby elementary schools.  Gaby wants to work in sustainable development and agriculture and interned last summer with the Ella Baker Center – one of the nation’s leading organizations promoting the growth of green-collar jobs and an equitable economy. She is very interested in international work and the role of NGOs and has done consulting for an educational NGO in Santiago, Chile.  Gaby has been working on an entrepreneurial idea to sell small-scale fog harvesting systems as an alternative water source in the Bay Area.  She is spending the second half of her junior year abroad in Vietnam studying the environmental and developmental issues there and conducting research on how the local knowledge of farmers could be used in developing agro-ecological adaptations to climate change.


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