Photo of Gabriel Kanengiser ’14
Alumni Participant
Major: Individually Designed Major: Practice and Economics in the Music Industry


New York, New York

Biography 1

Music professional living in NYC, always looking for new artists to develop and interesting businesses in the music industry. Also currently trying to break into non-musical ventures and enjoying it.

I run an independent record label, Stereocure, which received the Creativity & Leadership Fellowship for the 2014-2015 year. I am additionally involved in a few of other companies: I run a management, booking, and curation company that represents independent artists (on-and-off of the Stereocure artist roster), called Treasuredog; I do project management for a company that does event production for corporate clients. As of recently, I’ve developed a close relationship with the President of currently-developing Private Equity firm, and will be a part-time employee of his, working with him on raising funds and looking over deals.

Biography 2

Gabriel Kanengiser is from Los Angeles, CA and received a B.A. from Oberlin College in Practice and Economics in the Music Industry, a self-designed major. Gabe participated in the Rubin Institute for Music Criticism in 2012 and in 2014 was chosen to represent participated in the LaunchU Bootcamp and Accelerator. Gabe cofounded Stereocure, a record label and music collective in August of 2012, and was awarded the Creativity & Leadership Fellowship from Oberlin College from June 2014-May 2015. Gabe spent Spring of 2013 living in Rio de Janeiro, where he studied abroad and learned Portuguese.


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