Alumni Participant
Major: Environmental Studies


Eliot Lesar graduated from Sycamore High School in a suburb slightly northeast of Cincinnati, Ohio. He was admitted Oberlin College in 2006, originally destined to be a Creative Writing Major before dabbling in Computer Science and then settling down in Environmental Studies. Over the course of four years, he has taken a wide variety of courses pertaining to religion and war, social power, artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics and relativity, higher level math, biology, geology, chemistry, creative writing, early 20thcentury American writing, classics, economics, and of course, environmental concerns and energy efficiency. Eliot has also found a home in working with the Oberlin Center for Information, participating in both lab maintenance and happily assisting students and faculty at the Help Desk. Out of all of the winter term and class projects, his most notable endeavor was in leading the design of a full-fledged videogame in Professor Tom Wexler’s 2009 Fall Semester Game Design course. Eliot loves playing the piano whenever he can, drools over the latest consumer gadgets and energy technology, eternally seeks to amuse his friends and fellow students around him, and enjoys playing videogames in his free time. He is slated to be the Lead Game Designer of geakStudios.


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