Innovation and Impact: Past Participants

David Sherwin


David Sherwin is a graduating Cinema Studies major with a strong focus in post-production. He has been working with Final Cut Pro since high school and became quite fluent in the Avid editing system during his studies at Prague Film School in the Fall 2009. He has worked on a handful of student and professional productions, including editing footage for The NYCLU, Teachers Across Borders, Oberlin Athletics Department, and the Hip Hop production company Hazanati. In 2010, David traveled to Cambodia where he filmed and edited a documentary focusing on the rescue efforts of individuals during the Khmer Rouge genocide. He also has most recently worked for HybridFilms, the post-production house responsible for the hit “A&E” show "Dog The Bounty Hunter". He is fluent in stereoscopic editing where he converges and color corrects two images together, which creates a fully immersive 3D experience.

Participant biographies were submitted at the time of the project and may contain information that is no longer current.